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*Anatomy of a Feed

An individual feed in block view below shows the style and controls of reading and managing feeds in Rnews.

feed anatomy: expand headlines, mark articles read, expand feed window, track popularity, see older articles, etc. article anatomy: mark favorites, keep your place, adjust font size, see publication date

Other screenshots show aspects of feed management, installation, and other operations.

*Usability Features

Flexible and Easy:

  • Step-by-step web install and upgrade interface.
  • Supports multiple users, and an optional default user for public-viewable feeds.
  • A toolbar collects common actions for managing articles.
  • Feed title and other information is auto-imported from the feed.
  • Context-sensitive keyword search of article headlines and content.
  • Add feeds using bookmarklets, a Firefox extension, or register Rnews as a Feed handler in Firefox.

Viewing Feeds:

  • Feed scoring based on your viewing statistics — helps you cull uninteresting feeds, or sort by most popular.
  • Block, wide-block, and list views of articles. Sort by name or score.
  • Filter feeds to only show those with unread articles.
  • Show article snippets beside the headlines for fast scanning.
  • Mark articles as favorites to easily find them later and protect from deletion.
  • User-configurable display of icons (for sites that have them).
  • Categories — view all feeds at once, by category, or individually.
  • Shows a configurable number of links — helpful for feeds that give only a small number of stories, or catching up when you've missed a few days.
  • Can force update of feeds, overriding the default feed timeouts.


  • Supports Atom and RSS feed formats, with heuristic fixes for broken feeds.
  • OPML import/export for easy sharing of subscriptions between news readers.
  • Supports database table prefixes to accomodate web hosts that provide only one database.
*Performance Features
  • Standards-compliant (XHTML, CSS) interface — loads quickly, and shows your feeds in a compact, easy-to-read format.
  • Good netizen — combines MagpieRSS's caching with a user-configurable timeout to avoid hitting feed servers too often.
  • Content is loaded asynchronously so you don't have to wait for slow feeds before reading articles.
  • Many operations use AJAX for quick and fluid response.
  • Optional caching and resizing of feed icons (requires PHP GD library).
*Security Features
  • Supports secure login, user addition, and password change on SSL-capable servers.
  • Cookies are secured with HMAC-SHA1, and optionally include the client's IP address to limit hijacking attacks.
  • User passwords are securely stored in the database using salted SHA-1 hashes.
  • Uses modified kses library to strip unwanted tags from feed contents to mitigate XSS attacks and tracking.