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Adding Feeds to Rnews

*Firefox Add-on

For Firefox users, we created an extension to make it easier to add feeds to Rnews. It provides a toolbar button you can click while reading a page with a feed you want to subscribe to:

The Rnews URL shown in the dialog below is remembered after it is entered the first time. Select the feed on the page that you wish to add, then click Ok. A window will open with the Rnews add feed screen, so you can select the category as normal.

Download the extension from Sourceforge.


In most browsers, you can bookmark pieces of javascript code that do something more than just open a link. These are called bookmarklets, and Rnews provides these for adding feeds easily in non-Firefox browsers. Or in Firefox, too. Your choice.

To add the bookmarklet, visit Rnews' User Preferences screen, and select the View bookmarklet links option at the bottom. The next screen gives instructions for adding the bookmarklets (drag and drop them on your bookmark toolbar).