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!Rnews 1.01 released
July 10, 2009

Many new features and bug fixes are in this version that you will like:

  • An item toolbar lets you mark articles as favorite, and change font size for easier reading. It also shows the article publication date and gives more controls for marking articles as read so you can keep your place.
  • A filtering option allows hiding feeds without any new articles.
  • You can now show article snippets beside the headlines, which makes visually scanning feeds even faster.
  • Searches are context-sensitive now (limited to current category or feed) unless using advanced search.
  • A feed update script is included for use with cron, if you want to make sure you don't miss any articles.
  • Default (guest) users can no longer make permanent changes to feeds, but can still view them.
  • Fixes PNG feed image caching, URL encoding, a feed update problem, and a few other small bugs.
  • Added another feed healing heuristic, better error handling, an AJAX-load override flag (and Javascript detection), and made other structure and style changes.
  • Read the full change log.

The database structure changed slightly, but the automatic upgrade process (from 0.8x or 0.9x only) will take care of it. See the instructions on the download page.

Update: version 1.01 uses a different article index method than 1.00 to work around a MySQL limitation. As with older versions 0.8x and 0.9x, please follow the full upgrade process to install version 1.01, even from version 1.00.

*Rnews 0.92 released
June 6, 2008

This release has a raft of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. It's definitely the best Rnews, yet. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and bug reports!

  • Feeds are scored using personalized statistics, one- and two-column block views are more flexible, keyword search is supported, heuristics try to fix broken feeds, and feeds may be added using bookmarklets or a Firefox extension.
  • New user options were added for keeping stats, expanding articles in single-feed view, and opening links in a new window.
  • Rnews received a styling upgrade, with rollover icons and more AJAX interaction.
  • IP-locked cookies are now optional (though recommended).
  • Many bug fixes, in caching, IE presentation, redirects, and elsewhere.

Database structure has changed, but there is now an automatic upgrade process (from 0.8x only). See the instructions on the download page.

Update 1: minor bug in 0.90 is fixed in 0.91, which is drop-in compatible (but save your inc/config_user.php first).

Update 2: another bug in 0.90 is fixed in 0.92, which is drop-in compatible (but save your inc/config_user.php first).
It also comes with 2 small features: feed warnings/errors are shown when loading with AJAX, and links to feed enclosures (such as mp3s) are added.

*Rnews 0.81 released
October 16, 2007

Fixed a secure-login bug (feature was forced on). Also added preliminary support for a list view of unread feeds. The Rnews logo is now included for display at the top of the page. OPML import support added for Rojo and Flicker feeds, which are a bit non-standard.

Database schema is the same, so this is a drop in replacement for release 0.80. [Download rnews-0.81]

*Rnews 0.80 released
June 7, 2007

New developer added, and a new release. This release has been a long time coming (it's hard to improve on perfection, eh?), but brings with it several new features, particularly in the area of security, use of AJAX, and code restructuring. See the complete list of features. The included versions of MagpieRSS and Snoopy have been upgrade to 0.72 and 1.2.3, respectively.

Database schema has changed somewhat, so upgrade by exporting to OPML, using the web install interface, and importing from OPML. [Download rnews-0.80]

*Rnews 0.72 released
Feb. 21, 2004

This is a small bugfix release to add a fix submitted by Tim Trice for a problem with a link not being displayed when the item:link field is empty. It isn't necessary to upgrade unless you have a problem with empty links. [Download rnews-0.72]

*Rnews 0.71 released
Nov. 29, 2004

This relase is a fairly major update - support for atom is added, along with a revised database schema and various smaller bugfixes. [Download rnews-0.71]

*Rnews 0.63 released
Aug. 20, 2003

This release is an update that allows rnews to function without the register_globals server configuration variable enabled. Upgrading is not necessary unless rnews is non-functional. [Download rnews-0.63]

*RSS feed available
Aug. 4, 2003

Appropriately enough, an RSS feed for rnews information (including new file releases) is now available.

*Rnews 0.62 released
Aug. 3, 2003

This release is an update for a few things–mostly formatting and rendering, but now parses pubDate in addition to dc:date, and a security fix. I recommend upgrading, keeping in mind that has been renamed to rnews_config.php. [Download rnews-0.62]

*Rnews 0.61 released
Aug. 1, 2003

This release changes the rendering code to use much more CSS (should clean up the rendering a bit) tested with Safari, Mozilla, IE5, IE6, and Opera 7. Also, added a "default user" capability - you can pick a user whose links will show if you are not logged in - You can make the page a bit more 'public' this way. The upgrade procedure is the usual, but don't nuke the file in the new directory, because it now has the configuration parameter for the default user capability. [Download rnews-0.61]

*Rnews 0.60 released
Jul. 31, 2003

This release is mostly about OPML–there is now preliminary import/export support! I have tried importing a few files I've found around the net, and it works pretty well for me. So far I've tested the exported OPML with straw, and that seems to work fine as well - I would welcome testing and any feedback on this feature. Upgrade procedure is simple, just download, unpack, and copy over your old file. [Download rnews-0.60]